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buy the INGOT dermograph + the B4U console at a super discounted price!


The bundle contains:

  • - Ingot dermograph
  • - dermograph cable
  • - B4U console
  • - power cord
  • - one year warranty


is not included:

- everything that is not written above


Ingot is the innovative universal dermograph for semi-permanent make-up produced by BIOTEK.


Ingot (translated from English means "ingot") is equipped with an exclusive technology patented by BIOTEK that allows your needle to communicate with the dermograph, guaranteeing a stability and fluidity never seen before.


The needle does not vibrate! so precise that making a very thin hair will be child's play ..


Precise and delicate, it is the perfect tool for performing extreme precision treatments on the face.

The new Ingot needles are equipped with a special return membrane that pushes the needle in and out; This ensures minimal vibrations and above all: zero trauma!


Size matters!


Ingot is the smallest and most handy dermograph currently in production.

diameter: 20mm - length: 99mm - weight: 59.6 gr.


Designed to be small, practical and light, it features an ergonomic cartridge handle that will become a natural extension of your hand. You can work all day, effortlessly.


Choose the stroke you prefer.


The INGOT permanent makeup dermograph is available in two versions: stroke 3.2 and stroke 3.8

A shorter stroke means a softer beat, while a longer stroke will give you a more punchy beat.


What are you waiting for? improve your performance, switch to INGOT!


Dermograph produced entirely in ITALY and with the CE mark.



- Ingot is only compatible with original Ingot cartridges.


B4U is the new Biotek universal power supply.

  • Small and handy, B4U can power all rotary dermographs.
  • The console features a display that indicates the precise voltage at which the power supply is running, touch keys and a luxurious gold mirror keyboard.
  • The power supply has a range that goes from 5 to 8 volts.
  • The connector to attach the handpiece is RCA.
  • It is also possible to attach a pedal with a 6,3 jack connector

Biotek Inglot + B4U Power Supply

1.199,00 €Τιμή
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